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    Gazing Upon the Nativity with Fresh Eyes

    On JustLove this week, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests: Pat Keay of Director of Community Engagement of Heifer International and Professor David A. Croteau, Ph.D. of Columbia International University in South Carolina. On the show Pat Keay speaks with Monsignor Sullivan about Heifer International –  a charity that donates livestock as well as environmentally sound agricultural training to families in need around the world. Heifer International also partners with Churches and other faith based and civic organizations to support their mission and how JustLove listeners can also contribute. Professor Croteau discusses his book “Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions” and popular beliefs regarding Jesus’ Nativity. http://justlove.wpengine.com/audio/2016/JustLove%2012.7.16.mp3

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    Christmas Shopping with a Conscience

    Photo: Scot Tatelman with wife, Jacqueline & Sterling McDavid   On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan will be speaking with two guests about Christmas shopping and socially conscience items to consider. On the show is Sterling McDavid CEO and Founder of The Starling Project – a Brooklyn-based “social good” candle line. A portion of the proceeds goes to providing solar energy to rural communities in the developing world. Sterling talks with Monsignor about her work with The Starling Project, what inspired her to start the company, and the success they have had so far in providing rural communities in Chad with solar power to provide light, energy and pump clean water to their…

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    World AIDS Day & Death of Fidel Castro

    On JustLove Monsignor Kevin Sullivan focuses on  Fidel Castro and World AIDS Day and with guests Ada Ferrer Professor of History of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU and Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs. On the show Ada Ferrer discusses Castro’s  historical legacy is, and what his passing might mean for the Island nation. Katherine Marshall speaks with Monsignor about the impact that HIV/AIDS has had on economic and development issues in the developing world, and how anti-retroviral treatment has enable countries adversely impacted by HIV/AIDS to recover not only medically, but economically and socially as well. Listen Now: http://justlove.wpengine.com/audio/2016/JustLove%2011.30.16.mp3