The Heart of the Bible

7 FAQs – The Intro


Listen to the 7 FAQs



Another Bible book – Really?

I’ll bet that’s what many of you are thinking.

Give me a few minutes to answer some legit FAQs.


  1. So what kinda the Bible is this?
    It’s a really, really short “version” that picks 25 key passages, organizes them into 10 themes and makes the outrageous claim that this captures the Bible’s core message(s). You be the judge if it does.
  2. Why only the “heart”? What about the whole thing?
    The whole bible’s pretty big some 800,000 words – tl;dr – too long; didn’t read. Sorry God, but it’s true. And it’s message too important to let length be an obstacle.  So for me and my attention-challenged friends and everyone of sound byte or twitter ilk here’s my humble attempt at the Cliff or Spark notes version.
  3. Aren’t I biased in picking the core passages?
    Yes guilty! I fear this book will likely offend some faith-filled pious folks, and of course, the scholars. But I have hung out with the Bible for more than a few decades – studying, listening, & preaching. And so here’s a chunk of passages that work for me and my peops.   I’m betting they’ll work for you too.
  4. What about the self-help reflection tips?
    I’m striving to be a better person, but I don’t like being told what to do. (I admit religion has mastered that approach.) While I like to figure things out for myself, I can always use some tips. So, I’m sharing my reflections hoping they prompt your own. (Spoiler alert – the Bible’s the best self-help book of all time.)
  5. Are these holy tips on how to get to heaven?
    No way! Let God worry about heaven. These tips focus on living life better here and now on earth. They are relevant to the messy, chaotic, and hopeful roads we journey on each day.
  6. Who’s this book for?
    Believers, non-believers, the attention-challenged, self-helpers, Anyone very (or maybe even too) familiar with the Bible and those who don’t know much about it; ALL Y’ALL open to learning more about yourselves, relationships … and of course more about God.
  7. Can You Get On With It – You’re tired of this Intro?
    NUF SAID. Let’s get to know God and ourselves better – it’s a potent partnership. Enjoy and share.