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    National Adoption Month is About Supporting Families

    On this week’s show, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Emily Forham of Spence-Chapin about her agency’s adoption services to families and children as well as the changes happening in the adoption field. Also on the show is Professor Thomas Groome of Boston College to discuss the Vatican’s family survey in preparation for the upcoming synop in October 2014. Listen to JustLove on Saturday at 10am EST on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio on The Catholic Channel 129.

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    More Than a Random Act of Kindness – A Deliberate Deed of Human Solidarity

    I need examples of goodness and light to strengthen me.  In my journeys I see too much darkness. I suspect you do too.  Let me share one deliberate deed of human solidarity which I am blessed to know, and for which I give thanks this Thanksgiving 2013. I know a family – a talented professional hectic single mom, Denise, and her 10-year-old daughter, Tiffany.  Through a lot of hard work by Denise, a little luck and circumstances they are pretty comfortable.  They live in a very nice large house, too large – by their own admission.  Tiffany is in private school with all the extracurricular accoutrements that have become de rigueur. …

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    Talented young people of Cardinal McCloskey Services entertained their family, friends and supporters in White Plains on Sunday afternoon. Their performances were complimented by a pre-show display of paintings in a broad range of talent and styles. The young artists interpreted their painting to those attending the event. The young people who were part of the show and displays participated in the range of programs provided by Cardinal McCloskey Services. This event provides the opportunity for these young people to demonstrate their creativity and talent which many times is overshadowed by the difficulties they face.

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    Homily on Frances Xavier Cabrini

    Over the past year, our country has debated how we should treat foreigners and immigrants. How do we treat those who come here with the right immigration papers? How do we treat those who are here without the right papers- estimated now at 12 million individuals living and working in the United States? This debate reminds me of the biblical story of Jesus and the lepers.  In this story, ten men suffering from leprosy, the most dreaded disease during biblical times, approached our Lord, calling out “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”  Jesus cured them all yet only one special person, a Samaritan – a foreigner — returned to thank…

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    Pope Francis Announces Big Synod Meeting on Families in 2014: Broad Transparent Agenda & Grassroots Input

    Why all the “buzz” about this two-phase synod meeting beginning in 2014 on the challenges facing families?  (FYI – Synod is a fancy word for a meeting of Bishops and experts around the world called by the Pope to consider an important issue.)  Frankly, there are usually pretty boring and tedious – even when substantive.  I have a couple of thoughts why this Synod on the family should be different: Putting questions on-line and inviting “survey-monkey” responses by anyone with internet access is new for synod meetings. It demonstrates transparency that many would claim is uncharacteristic of the Catholic Church. Everyone can see that the agenda is not ostrich-like.  Major hot-button and important issues are covered.  Same-sex marriage and…