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    Thanksgiving & Black Friday

      Photo: Barbara Turk & Christopher Cox On this week’s JustLove episode, Monsignor Sullivan will be speaking with two guests about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Barbara Turk who is  Director of Food Policy  for New York City’s Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services will be talking about the work of the of the New York City Office of Food Policy and what her Office is doing to ensure that every New Yorker has access to affordable and nutritious food. Also on the show is Christopher Cox who is Campaign Manager of The Human Thread  – a Catholic advocacy organization dedicated to fostering Catholic awareness of labor and safety issues effecting garment…

  • JustLove

    Post Election Perspectives

    Photo: Roberto Welch, Anthony Davis & Mayerlin Almonte On JustLove, three guests speak with Monsignor Sullivan about their thoughts on the 2016 Election. Anthony Davis, Team Leader of Material Logistics Management at Jeep Automotive and Roberto Welch, a Baker at a start-up pie company talk about expectations, hopes and direction after the November 8th. Welch provides thoughts from  a millenial’s perspective whereas Davis provides his perspective from an older working-class generation. Also on the show is Mayerlin Almonte, Esq. who is the Co-Founder of Immigration Counsels, LLC. She also talks about the recent election and its impact on immigration Listen now: http://justlove.wpengine.com/audio/2016/JustLove%2011.16.16.mp3

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    Catholic Charities in PR “Election Day + 2”

    Catholic Charities is well known for extensive high quality services that touch almost every human need. Another part of mission is probably less known: partnering to build a just and compassionate society through economic and community development. Today we focused on this lesser known part of our mission. We partnered to raise our awareness and show solidarity to one of the most troubled barrios of San Juan, La Perla. Its reputation for drugs, poverty, violence and lack of opportunity is infamous. A Franciscan priest, decades ago, began to organize to address these issues. Catholic Charities took the lead in organizing a moving walking tour of this historic barrio with approximately…

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    Election Day 2016 +1

    Catholic Charities in Puerto Rico This year on “Election Day + 1, as our nation focused on the results of this brutal election, Catholic Charities brought our Feeding Our Neighbors program to help one of the most economically hard hit parts of our country, Puerto Rico.   Catholic Charities staff and volunteers from the SOMOS annual conference in Puerto Rico provided thousands of meals to families served by The New York Foundling’s Cardinal O’Connor Head Start program in the area of Santurce among others. Under the leadership of NYS Assemblyman Marco Crespo and Assemblywoman Maritza Davila, the annual SOMOS conference now includes a volunteer service project in a community in Puerto…

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    Christians Abroad, The Election Season & Social Media Toxicity

    This weekend on JustLove, guests Michel Constantin, Emergency Response Coordinator,  of CNEWA and Sr. Nancy Usselmann, FSP, Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies join the show to speak with Monsignor Sullivan.  On the show Michel Constantin provides updates on the liberation of villages on Nineveh Plain from Forces ISIS and future opportunities for Christians in this region of Iraq. Also on the show is  Sr. Nancy Usselmann. She speaks with Monsignor about how social media has contributed to the toxicity surrounding this election season.