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    The Church and Youth & Continuing to Make Lent Great Again!

    On this episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with  Fred Parrella, Professor of Theology in the Department of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University in California,  and Mehnaz Afridi, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College in the Bronx.  Msgr. Sullivan and Prof. Parrella – who has been teaching at the Jesuit university based in Silicon Valley for 40 years – will be discussing the religious faith and practice of today’s college students, and what their often self-description as “spiritual, but not religious” bodes for the future, and what – if anything – can be done to counter this trend. Prof. Afridi – who is also the…

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    Join Your Trial with Jesus

    Tip of the day: Reflect on a difficult, maybe unfair, situation you’re facing.  Deal with it as directly as you can. Stay true to your values and join your trial with Jesus and his cross.      Verse of the day: Bible Readings for Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent  Reflection of the day: It was perfect in the Garden of Eden – not so much since then.  If you want to blame it on Adam & Eve and the apple, fine with me. In any case we live in a world that is not perfect and very unfair at times.  It’s more unfair to some than others, but we…

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    Be Your Brother or Sister’s Keeper

    Tip of the Day: Help somebody whose need I have been ignoring and rationalizing by saying it’s not my problem.  Be your brother or sister’s keeper, but, don’t be condescending.   Bible Readings for Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent    Reflection of the Day: Sometimes God lets his anger out and let’s us know he’s fed up with us not listening to His commands.  If we examine ourselves we know it’s true.  And sometimes we concentrate so hard on avoiding what God tells us not to do that we forget that he bulk of his commands have to do with treating each other well, especially when someone is…

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    Sing Out God’s Goodness

    Tip of the Day:           Listen to a different take on the power of Jesus love and presence in the midst of adversity. Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: Sometimes human analogies are helpful in thinking about our relationship with God.  I recently heard someone say the most important thing she valued in a relationship was time spent with the other person.  Put negatively, she was not interested in having a relationship with someone unwilling to spend time with her.  Gifts, money, pedigree, etc. all came in a distant second to “spending time.”  God has so much to…

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    “I was sick, and you visited Me”

    Tip of the Day: Visit a friend in the hospital, nursing home or homebound.  At least call him or her. Verse of the Day:             Bible Readings for Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: Our words are not as powerful and miraculous as Jesus telling a man to pick up his mat and walk, but let’s not underestimate the healing power of solidarity with someone who is ill and suffering. Emotional or psychological isolation and separation are added burdens to many who are struggling with serious illnesses.