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    Albany Day: Not a Caribbean Junket!

    Believe me – Albany in February is not a junket to a Caribbean Island!  Much thanks and appreciation to all the Catholic Charities people who made the trek in menacing weather earlier this week to speak about the needs of very vulnerable New Yorkers to our elected and appointed New York State officials.  About 75 Catholic Charities leaders from Montauk to Niagara Falls spoke about the need for New York State to continue and enhance its commitment to provide help and create hope for New Yorkers in need of assistance to live their lives in dignity.  We spoke about basics: a safe affordable place to live and sufficient nutritious food. …

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    Tune In to JustLove This Week to Join the Discussion on Domestic Violence and Outreach Services for Its Survivors

    On JustLove this week, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Joyce Mahoney, Program and Outreach Services Director of Harbor House. Msgr. and Joyce discuss the phenomenon of domestic violence, and how Catholic Charities agencies can be a first line of defense to help victims. Also on the show is Dr. Billy J. Hawkins, PhD, Professor of Sports Management and Policy in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia. Dr. Hawkins and Msgr. discuss what role “sportsmanship” plays in today’s NFL in light of the recent controversies involving football players, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

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    Faith, Dignity and Solidarity: Values at the Heart of Catholic Charities

      At the 68th Annual Cardinal Christmas Luncheon that Catholic Charities and Our Ladies of Charity hosted this week, I had the opportunity to reflect on how this event that helps  support the services we provide to those in need  represents values that are at the heart of Catholic Charities. They include the Christian faith that motivates our work, the dignity of each individual regardless of religion and the solidarity that bridges differences for the sake of doing good.” Let me say a few words about each: Our Catholic Christian Faith:  Unabashedly and explicitly we name this a Christmas luncheon  celebrating the coming birth of our savior, Jesus Christ,  We…