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    “I Don’t Get It.” A Different Take on Aftermath of Philip Seymour Hoffman Death

    Famous actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies of overdose: large scale publicity and police hunt to find drug seller. Read more  on the New York Post  What about the thousands of unnamed youth in the communities and neighborhoods of NYC and across the nation who suffer similar tragic fates? Where’s the interest, concern and caring? I don’t get it. Are not these youth and their families and friends also made in the image and likeness of God?            

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    Cardinal Dolan and Mayor de Blasio Meet Discuss Working Together to Foster New Yorkers’ Common Good

    Yesterday, Cardinal Dolan and Mayor de Blasio met at the Cardinal’s Residence to discuss how they might work together to foster a better New York. Mayor de Blasio expressed particular appreciation for the inspiration of Pope Francis and his concern about issues of inequality that impact the poorest and most vulnerable.  They spoke about the tremendous contribution the Church makes in multiple ways to the fabric of New York.  They also expressed hope for a visit by Pope Francis to New York to share his message about serving the poor. Mayor de Blasio specifically pointed out the important work of Catholic Charities: “We talked a lot about affordable housing. We…

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    Pope Francis Announces Big Synod Meeting on Families in 2014: Broad Transparent Agenda & Grassroots Input

    Why all the “buzz” about this two-phase synod meeting beginning in 2014 on the challenges facing families?  (FYI – Synod is a fancy word for a meeting of Bishops and experts around the world called by the Pope to consider an important issue.)  Frankly, there are usually pretty boring and tedious – even when substantive.  I have a couple of thoughts why this Synod on the family should be different: Putting questions on-line and inviting “survey-monkey” responses by anyone with internet access is new for synod meetings. It demonstrates transparency that many would claim is uncharacteristic of the Catholic Church. Everyone can see that the agenda is not ostrich-like.  Major hot-button and important issues are covered.  Same-sex marriage and…