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    Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe & What Archeology Is Telling Us About Jesus

    Kristin Romey and Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering On this week’s episode of Justlove Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with two guests about the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and What Archeology says about Jesus. Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering,  who is Consul General of Mexico to New York City will be joining the show. Ambassador Gomez Pickering will be speaking to Msgr. Sullivan during this week when we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December 12th – about his work representing the Mexican people here in New York City at the United Nations and other venues.  Kristin Romey, Archeology Editor at National Geographic will be on as part of Advent. Msgr. Sullivan and Kristin…

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    Listen and Trust in God

    Take ten minutes take and just quietly tell God how much you are counting on him. Listen to him tell you he’ll be there for you.  Click here for today’s reading. Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD.  It’s not exacerbating to say we have crises with many of our major institutions. This post is not the place for a major expose, but let me just mention a few to make my point.  Business:  Enron and the sub-prime mortgage debacle;  Media: MSNBC, FOXNews, HuffPost & Daily Caller (Yes, now all sides can be upset, but in my opinion neither of those sources can…

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    Hard Work & Sacrifice

    At work, school, family there’s always a pecking order.  Pick somebody down the food chain from each of us. Today do something to help that person..  Click here for today’s reading. Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave. Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Being great servants makes a nice holy card, but not in real life.  There are the C-suites, seats in Church sanctuaries, inner circle tables at banquets, private banking floors, platinum memberships for…

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    Gazing Upon the Nativity with Fresh Eyes

    On JustLove this week, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests: Pat Keay of Director of Community Engagement of Heifer International and Professor David A. Croteau, Ph.D. of Columbia International University in South Carolina. On the show Pat Keay speaks with Monsignor Sullivan about Heifer International –  a charity that donates livestock as well as environmentally sound agricultural training to families in need around the world. Heifer International also partners with Churches and other faith based and civic organizations to support their mission and how JustLove listeners can also contribute. Professor Croteau discusses his book “Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions” and popular beliefs regarding Jesus’ Nativity. http://justlove.wpengine.com/audio/2016/JustLove%2012.7.16.mp3

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    Sister Cristina, Singing Nun, Is A Finalist On ‘The Voice’ Italy

    2,000 years ago a preacher named Jesus took his message from the synagogues to the streets, squares and mounts – and attracted a loyal crowd of followers. Today one religious has taken her talent from the sanctuary to the stage – to the attention and delight of millions. I think she’s got the right venue! Let’s allow that preacher’s Spirit to hone and tone the message to exploit contemporary streets Tweets, posts and podcasts –  to delight and attract a new crowd of loyal followers. Watch video and read more.

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    The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Tips for The Lord’s Prayer, Phrase-by-Phrase – “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”

    9.  Lead Us Not Into Temptation Really!! You’re such a Debbie Downer. Temptations can be exciting. Sometimes it’s fun to play with fire. Do you want me to be boring? Didn’t Jesus hang out with sinners? By now you’re reckoned I’m more arguing than praying this one. You put me in the world and you told to light up its darkness and shadows. But isn’t that where temptations lurk? I think I get it.  I’m weak and can’t resist some bad things. So it’s better to not to be led there. But I’m pretty sure it’s not so simple or Maybe, I just disagree. Do you really only want me to…

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    The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Tips for The Lord’s Prayer, Phrase-by-Phrase – “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

      7.   Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Today’s prayer for today’s needs!! Jesus taught “the power of now” – well before contemporary gurus. No accruals from yesterday. No deferrals for tomorrow. Pretty sly of you, God! You know how to keep your power base. Tomorrow I’ll have to ask you again. But you know my A.D.D. distractions, my impatience when you don’t answer right away and my insecurity that you might not be there tomorrow… So, I have an idea. Why can’t I make one big prayer payment for the month – like I pay my bills? Umm – I don’t see you nodding, yes. Well, then please…

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    The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Tips for The Lord’s Prayer, Phrase-by-Phrase – “Thy Will be Done”

    5. Thy Will Be Done   Two problems with this one: # 1 I want to do my will… but, o.k. you’re God and so you win – even if I don’t like it and it’s  hard. # 2 What is your will?  (this is the tricky one) Is this a “tough love” or “tender kindness” day. Your boy Jesus had both – whips for the money changes in the Temple, and  mercy for the woman caught in adultery. So Father, with my family, my friends my colleagues, my clients etc. etc. What do you want from me? Speak up – let me know what you want and I’ll try….…

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    Pope Francis & Atheists & Catholic Charities

    Pope Francis’ recent talk about the how the Blood of Christ has redeemed us all – including atheists struck a chord with the world – and with me in a particular way.    People often have asked me if Catholic Charities helps “non-Catholics.” At first this bothered me because Catholic Charities for as long as I can remember and much beyond has always helped people regardless of their religion.  I was a little frustrated that after all these years people would still ask.  But then I realized we must not have been doing a good enough job in making sure people knew this fact.  So now in all material we put…

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    Homily on Frances Xavier Cabrini

    Over the past year, our country has debated how we should treat foreigners and immigrants. How do we treat those who come here with the right immigration papers? How do we treat those who are here without the right papers- estimated now at 12 million individuals living and working in the United States? This debate reminds me of the biblical story of Jesus and the lepers.  In this story, ten men suffering from leprosy, the most dreaded disease during biblical times, approached our Lord, calling out “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”  Jesus cured them all yet only one special person, a Samaritan – a foreigner — returned to thank…