• JustLove

    A Look at Religious Freedom in the Islamic World and a Look at Volunteerism for National Volunteers Week 2019

    In this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about freedom in Islam and National Volunteer Week. Prof. Daniel Philpott, Ph.D. is a Professor of Political Science at Notre Dame University and the author of the book “Religious Freedom in Islam: The Fate of a Universal Human Right in the Muslim World Today.” Prof. Philpott talks about his finding is his book which examines the status of religious freedom in the world’s 47 Muslim majority countries, and where he sees the Islamic tradition containing “seeds of freedom” that are potentialities for developing a more robust understanding of religious freedom in the Islamic world in the future. Kara Cunnane…

  • Lent

    Stand Together NY!

    Tragically, we live in a world in which acts of hatred are being directed toward people of all religions. In recent months, in New Zealand the terror was against Muslims, in Pittsburgh it was against Jews and in Egypt and the Philippines it was against Christians.  On this Lenten Friday, March 22nd, Catholic Charities will be joining with UJA-Federation, FPWA and other communities of faith to show solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters after the horrific massacres in New Zealand. We will gather at several sites throughout New York City and Westchester County to form a ring of peace around several mosques as a sign of solidarity, similar to…

  • Commentary

    Pope Francis in Turkey

    #459739648 / gettyimages.com “Fanaticism and fundamentalism, as well as irrational fears, which foster misunderstanding and discrimination, need to be countered by the solidarity of all believers,” the pope said in televised remarks in Ankara, Turkey. Worth hearing and heeding in every church, temple and synagogue every Sabbath…. (KS) “The pope smiled and waved before entering the Hagia Sophia museum, which dates to the sixth century.  The church was converted into a mosque after the 1453 Ottoman conquest, and made a museum in 1935. From prayer, Christian and Muslim, to museum… not a happy progression!  Religion worships a living God, not preserved artifacts.  (KS)