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    Thanksgiving with Catholic Charities of Chicago and Amazon comes to Long Island City

    On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about the various ways that Catholic Charities celebrates Thanksgiving with those they serve, and – on what is arguably the biggest retail weekend of the year – a look at the recent deal by Amazon to build a hub in Long Island City. Msgr. Michael M. Boland is the President and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. On this Thanksgiving weekend, Msgr. Boland will be sharing with our listeners two particular ways that Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago celebrates Thanksgiving with those that they serve: a Thanksgiving Celebration for Refugees sponsored by the Junior…

  • Feeding the Hungry and Sheltering the Homeless,  JustLove

    Thanksgiving Day Show

    On this week’s JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests and one family about supporting those in need on Thanksgiving. Cynthia N. Colbert, MSW, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer  of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston will be joining the show on the phone. Cynthia will be updating our listeners about how her organization is helping the displaced recover from Hurricane Harvey, as well as how they are helping to feed the less fortunate in the Archdiocese  of Galveston-Houston on Thanksgiving Day The Tone family – Don, Cathleen, and their daughter Maggie (age 15 years) – are parishioners of  Resurrection Parish  in Rye, NY.  The Family will be speaking to Msgr.…

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    Thanksgiving & Black Friday

      Photo: Barbara Turk & Christopher Cox On this week’s JustLove episode, Monsignor Sullivan will be speaking with two guests about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Barbara Turk who is  Director of Food Policy  for New York City’s Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services will be talking about the work of the of the New York City Office of Food Policy and what her Office is doing to ensure that every New Yorker has access to affordable and nutritious food. Also on the show is Christopher Cox who is Campaign Manager of The Human Thread  – a Catholic advocacy organization dedicated to fostering Catholic awareness of labor and safety issues effecting garment…

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    Ferguson, Mo. The United States of America Thanksgiving Week 2014

    The rich diversity of races all made in God’s image living together in wonderful harmony – not so much! Some weeks it’s a stretch to celebrate and be grateful for diversity – even with Thanksgiving at hand. The diversity with which God blessed humankind sometimes seems more a curse – like now. So this week I’ll not say much.  I’ll be sad, upset and angry – at so much. I’ll duck my head and let others comment. I’ll say a prayer that God can figure this out – because I certainly can’t. Maybe I’ll try to hate less, and love more.

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    More Than a Random Act of Kindness – A Deliberate Deed of Human Solidarity

    I need examples of goodness and light to strengthen me.  In my journeys I see too much darkness. I suspect you do too.  Let me share one deliberate deed of human solidarity which I am blessed to know, and for which I give thanks this Thanksgiving 2013. I know a family – a talented professional hectic single mom, Denise, and her 10-year-old daughter, Tiffany.  Through a lot of hard work by Denise, a little luck and circumstances they are pretty comfortable.  They live in a very nice large house, too large – by their own admission.  Tiffany is in private school with all the extracurricular accoutrements that have become de rigueur. …