I was inspired at lunch on Friday with Team Catholic Charities.  The lunch was organized by one of Catholic Charities dedicated and generous Trustees.  It was a chance to meet together and say thanks to the ten people who, in addition to running today, are raising $25,000 to help needy families of all religions assisted by Catholic Charities.  Team Catholic Charities runners have come from near, Manhattan – the Pastor of the St. Peter’s parish next to the World Trade Center, and far, the Philippines – a doctor and her husband.  I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the runners for running – but not inspired enough to even think about joining them next year.  I was also impressed that they were willing to reach out to their friends and family to ask for contributions to provide help for families in need through Catholic Charities.  Good luck to all.  Thoughts and prayers for a safe, fun and fulfilling day. Meet Team Catholic Charities.

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