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Photo - Tomas Munita for The New York Times
Photo – Tomas Munita for The New York Times

When I visited my family earlier this week for Christmas, the millenniums and the baby boomers were all quite inquisitive about my recent trip to Bangladesh.  I showed them my cell phone pictures of the workers who were disabled by the garment factory tragedies of the last year.  Immediately, they wanted to know about the conditions in the factories there.  Their initial reaction – without even the slightest goading by me – was outrage by the unsafe conditions that led to the two recent tragedies.

They didn’t know until a little later that their Christmas gifts would further raise their awareness about the garment industry in Bangladesh – and the choice that American consumers can make to support better working conditions.  I gave them gift cards to H&M – one of the brands that has signed onto the ACCORD for better building and safety standards in the 5,000 factories in Bangladesh.

Recently, the situation there has gotten more publicity.  See the latest article from the New York Times. 

Hopefully awareness continues to be raised of the need to improve conditions for more than 3 million garment workers in Bangladesh.

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