The “Bestest” Christmas Party of All…

BOHpartyI really do like Christmas and the time leading up to it – Advent. I admit it’s sometimes hard to keep Advent and Christmas separate.

I was at a great Christmas party with over 1,000 people at the Waldorf. The room was festive as was the attire of the guests. And thousands of women and children benefited from the event.

A week ago a most gracious and generous family hosted a warm Christmas party for family and friends with a magnificent view overlooking the Hudson River. The food and drink was great. I could mention more but let me stop and go to the “bestest” party of the season.

On Tuesday evening, in the hall of Epiphany Church across the street from Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan about 150 wonderful people celebrated the Christmas season in a most magnificent way. Volunteers served a hearty dinner and took commemorative photos. A DJ played music. Guests danced. The dress was festive not fancy – with Santa Claus hats in abundance.

Cardinal Dolan came and blessed the meal and greeted every guest individually. Without a doubt, this was my favorite party of the season.

By the way, one other fact… All the guests were people living in residences of Catholic Charities Beacon of Hope program. All struggle with emotional problems – some quite severe. This party was an expression of a core value of Catholic Charities to see the image of God in every person even when severely challenged and to seek to develop the fullest potential of each individual. Why shouldn’t these individuals celebrate at a Christmas party? Clearly they did and they should. This refreshed the spirit of many who labor daily to cope with life. And also it refreshed the spirit of those who made the party possible – the volunteers and the staff who were blessed to see the spirit of Christmas come alive. I’ll go to a few more Chrismas patties and I’ll enjoy them. I doubt any of them will top the one last Tuesday night.


Watch the video from the holiday party below:


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