Christmas 2014

xmas2,000 years ago –
A pregnant mom gave birth in a stable. With the
threat of death in her home, her family fled and took refuge in a foreign land.

2014 –
Too many pregnant moms do not have a decent
home or family. Sometimes even children flee alone
to foreign lands to escape drugs, gangs and violence.

2,000 years ago –
A savior was born to bring tidings of comfort and joy
to a world in waiting.

2014 –
Our world still waits for that Savior’s followers to
bring comfort and joy.
2,000 years ago –
Angels sang glory to God and peace on earth

2014 –
Look around you for angels in many different forms,
hear the music and join the chorus –
Glory and peace to God, one another
– and don’t forget yourself.

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

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