Easter – A Big Day For Jesus & Bunnies

Easter is a big deal for Easter Bunnies – both chocolate and furry and Easter is THE BIGGEST day for Jesus. Have you ever thought about the difference between the Easter Bunny and Jesus? Well I have and here are ten of them…

1. The Easter Bunny hops along the ground. Jesus hops out of the grave.

2. The Easter Bunny has big ears to hear when he’s in danger.
Jesus has big ears to hear when we’re in danger.

3. Easter Bunnies, when they hear our voice, run away from us.
Jesus, when he hears our voice, runs toward us to protect, guide and comfort.

4. Easter Bunnies are thought to be mad in the spring. Jesus is madly in love with us — all year long.

5. Easter Bunnies are into pro-creation – big time. Jesus is into re-creation – even bigger time – of the world and our own lives.

6. The Easter Bunny makes a big splash at Easter and then
disappears. Jesus shows up gloriously at Easter – and then hangs around for the whole year.

7. Chocolate Easter Bunnies come in three shades: dark, light and white. Jesus comes all the shades of all peoples of the world.

8. Chocolate Easter Bunnies land in our stomach and then get pooped away. Jesus lands in our hearts and stays – if we let him.

9. Too much chocolate Easter Bunnies makes us fat, sluggish and out of shape. Too much Jesus makes us alive, strong and tuned into the world around us.

10. Easter Bunnies, both the chocolate and the furry kind, delight us for a moment. Jesus delights us for a lifetime and forever.

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