Feeding the Hungry and Sheltering the Homeless,  JustLove,  Strengthening Families and Resolving Crises

Learn How Organizations Are Empowering Mothers With HIV/AIDS & Feeding The Hungry Through Local Restaurants

L-R: Robert Lee & Frank Beadle de Palmo

On this week’s JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan focuses the show on feeding the hungry. Robert Lee, Co-Founder and CEO at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine talks about how his organization partners with over 30 local restaurants and markets to secure food donations. ¬†And as World AIDS Day approaches, this episode also focuses on helping those effected by HIV/AIDs abroad.¬†Frank Beadle de Palmo, President and CEO of mothers2mothers, an organization that focuses on paediatric HIV/AIDS, talks about how it trains, employs and empowers mothers living with HIV.

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