Solidarity Orlando


Toward the end of June, cities across the United States including New York will see a number of demonstrations of gay pride. Orlando adds greater poignancy this year.

Words may be cheap, but silence can be costly. Let me express a few words of solidarity with LGBTQ communities. Solidarity: against hate, for love; against violence and death, for peace and life; against hurting, for healing; against divisiveness, for reconciliation; against exclusion, for inclusion; against despair, for hope; against hate, for love. This is my basic prayer and hope.

I add a few thoughts from a religious perspective on words, actions and solidarity.

At times the language some Christians have used deviates from our faith’s core message. We need to acknowledge that tragically, without necessarily intending to, this rhetoric has resulted in pain, hurt and even violence and death. Affirming our truths, faith and beliefs does not require harsh and hurtful words. There is a difference between sterile political correctness, from which I respectfully dissent, and necessary sensitivity to differences in life styles, beliefs and self-understanding, which I genuinely affirm.

Orlando emblazons that divisiveness and hate related to race and ethnicity, religion and ideology and sexuality can turn violent and death-dealing. We should not ignore the danger when similar rhetoric of divisiveness and hate extends into any other differences among us: language, class, status, etc., etc., etc..

Solidarity affirms our shared humanness, not agreement with every action, belief or expression of those with whom I express solidarity. Now it is more important to stand in solidarity to affirm a common humanity with those with whom I may disagree on certain matters.

My prayer for solidarity extends to Muslim, Christian, Jew, LGBTQ, straight, male, female, atheist and agnostic, rich, poor, Latina, Black, Asian, White, etc, etc. etc. – to every human person.

Please join me in praying: May God grant us an abundant outpouring of solidarity that pierces through the diabolical divisiveness that dulls our consciousness. And, may we see and unleash the reconciling divine spirit embedded in every human heart.

In solidarity: against hate, of anyone & pro love, for everyone.

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