Jesus Forgives You & Loves You

Tip of the Day:

Think in your own head about something bad you’ve done and felt guilty about.  Realize that Jesus knows about it, forgives you and loves you.

Verse of the Day: 


Bible Readings for Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

 Reflection of the Day:

The powerful trio of guilt, blame and responsibility all occupy the same emotion space in our psyche.  Well, maybe not exactly the same, but pretty close.  Sometimes they even impersonate one another and engage in identity theft.  So here’s how I like see them and separate them.  (Note: I’m not saying this is THE way to see them, just my way.)  Guilt is what I feel about myself when I do something wrong.  Blame is what I impute to another when they do something wrong.  Responsibility is what I accept for my actions and their consequences.  I am not going to spend a lot of time teasing this out or giving examples.  Let’s just think about these differences and supply our own examples.  Note: There is a time and place for all three of these, but it’s useful to distinguish.

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