Do A Good Thing

Tip of the Day:

Do one hard thing for another person today.  It won’t be a “crucifixion,” but a little sacrifice is good thing.


Verse of the Day:

Bible Readings for Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent



Reflection of the Day:

Healing, feeding the hungry, teaching God’s ways, stories of Jesus that taught the important of helping others.  There’s much more.  Jesus’ whole ministry taught that “doing right by each other” is “doing right by God.”  Fortunately, my experience is that people do want to help each other out and very often do so.  Good Friday teaches us that the time and type of help we want to provide can’t always be on our terms.  Sometimes it will hurt and be inconvenient.  Even Jesus asked his Father to make the crucifixion go away.  No could do.  Neither can all the crosses of our lives go away when we help others.

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