Holidays and Holy Days

His Presence is Always Found

Tip of the Day:

Think of a great injustice and ask God to come to right it. Too bold, too much a reach?  Remember it’s God’s world too. He has a job to do.


Verse of the Day:

Bible Readings for Monday of Holy Week


Reflection of the Day:

There is so much humanity in God’s world. Isn’t that the story of creation? As one of the stories goes, it was God’s garden and He made us humans and put us in it. It was a neat place with lots of good things and everything in order. Then things got messed up by “apple-gate” – as I like to call it. After that things weren’t so good and humans had to live in a big bad disordered world outside the garden. God didn’t abandon us, but he made it harder to figure things out by allow things to get pretty messed up and now and then playing “hide & seek” with us. But if we take the time, his presence is always found to be with us.


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