Update on Hurricane recovery in the Caribbean


On this week’s episode of  JustLoveMonsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about the status of Caribbean after Hurricane Maria with two guests .

On the show Fr. Enrique Camacho, Executive Director of Caritas Puerto Rico joins us in the studio. Msgr. Sullivan and Fr. Camacho will talk about the work of Caritas Puerto Rico  and how it is helping the people of the island recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

Cathy Howard, Section Chief of the Coordination and Response Division of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, will be talking to Msgr. Sullivan about those who were severely impacted by Hurricane Maria including citizens of Dominica.

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  • Carlos O. Lopez

    Dear Msgr. Kevin Sullivan,

    I would like to thank you for your concern of our Island Puerto Rico. I was over there over two weeks ago. Things are not as good as people would say. I too have to say that what is being told about the Islands Progress is false. The time I spent there I bathed in cold water, no electricity in residence or streets. I stood in the city of Caguas where my mother was born and raised as a child. Our neighbors were very kind and hospitable. I received a call from one of our neighbors telling me that the progress ceased in our community. The funds sent to the Island has been Misappropriated. I pray for them as I do for you. Continue your amazing works.

    Thank you
    Carlos O. Lopez
    CCBQ Bohan Denton

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