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Worker’s Wages and Dignity in the New Year


On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan is speaking with two guests focused on Worker’s Wages and dignity in the New Year. 

On the phone, Diana Ramirez  – who is the Deputy Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United as will be joining the show. Msgr. Sullivan and Diana will be talking about the work that she and her organization ROC United does to raise awareness of sexual harassment and other labor issues in the food service industry.

Katie Johnston, a  Reporter for  The Boston Globe who concentrates on covering workplace and income inequality, joins us on the phone. In the month of January, 18 states across the country have increased their minimum wages. Katie and Msgr. Sullivan will talking about the reporting she has done concentrating on the impact that an increase in the minimum wage of $1.00 to $11.00 per hour – which Massachusetts enacted last January – has had on the lives and livelihoods of minimum wage earners and workers in the Boston metropolitan area over the past year.

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