Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

DACA Call In Day: February 26

About 800,000 young Americans brought to United States by their parents as children now face a crisis. Since 2012, Catholic Charities has been assisting these DREAMERS in many ways.  We have directly helped more than 800 DREAMERS to get authorization to work productively, go to college, avoid deportation, maintain family unity, and remain in the United States. I have personally worked alongside these DREAMERS and seen firsthand their industriousness.  

They are extremely anxious about the upcoming March 5 deadline imposed by President Trump to end this program.  We read and hear in the media that Congress has become  paralyzed in dealing with this issue.

I share with you information from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops that asks for your participation in a national legislative call-in day on Monday, February 26.  The key point is to ask elected officials to break the paralysis, and provide a legislative solution for DREAMERS before March 5.  Click here for the USCCB statement and suggestions which you are encouraged to appropriately share with others.

We stand in solidarity with both prayers and deeds.

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