What Does Holy Mean?

Write down the first three words that come to mind when you think of the word holy. Are the words about God, me, or someone else? Think about them for 5 minutes. What do these words mean to you? Do any of these words apply to people you know, who you think are holy? What can we do to be more holy people?

Holiness means hanging enough with God to let God’s ways and perspective rub off on us.  But God’s a sneaky one.  If we hang with him enough, we’ll figure out he’s always concerned about our families, friends, and even our enemies who need things to live their lives better.

Two parts:

We shouldn’t do bad things to them; and

We should do good things when they need something. 


Tip: Hang with God today and ask him to help us all figure out this holiness thing better.

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Isaiah 65:18-19

For I create Jerusalem to be a joy
and its people to be a delight;
I will rejoice in Jerusalem
and exult in my people.

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