Taking Small Steps to a Better You by Helping Others

Reflection of the Day:

Lent is a good time to cut off some of those annoying and distracting things around us.  Some of them are truly bad and wrong and should annoy us.  We also try when possible to change some of them – or at least do our part.  At the same time, some of them are far beyond our ability to significantly impact on our own.  Sometimes we become paralyzed by these things that we fail to impact those areas of our lives in which we actually can make a difference.   


Forget about saving the world today, find one kind thing you can do for one person.  If possible try to surprise the person by doing it.  And when he or she says thank you, don’t be embarrassed, appreciate the acknowledgement. 

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Isaiah 49:13

Sing out, O heavens, and rejoice, O earth,

break forth into song, you mountains.

For the LORD comforts his people

and shows mercy to his afflicted.


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