JustLove’s Valentine’s Day Show: Encouraging Healthy Marriages and the Real History Behind Saint Valentine

On this week’s episode of Just Love and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about healthy marriages and the history of St. Valentine.

Robyn Cenizal is the Director of Family Strengthening for ICF, a global consulting and services agency, and the developer and Project Director for the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families, a Federally-funded, multi-faceted initiative that promotes the integration of healthy marriage and relationship education into the social service delivery system in order to strengthen families and move them to self-sufficiency. Robyn shares some tips on what makes marriages healthy, some core skills on what both partners need to make marriages healthy, and some advice for dating couples on what they can do to make their future marriage a healthy and supportive one.

Dr. Jennifer Paxton a Clinical Assistant Professor of History and the Director of the University Honors Program at the Catholic University of America. Dr. Paxton shares with us the history of Saint Valentine and the real history behind the holiday that bears his name.

Listen now:

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