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The 91st Academy Awards and Fashion

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor brings in one of the Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary Shorts, and he also talks about fashion as Fashion Week comes to an end.

Charlotte Silverman is an Alum of Oakwood High School in North Hollywood, California and a Producer of one of this year’s Academy Award-nominated Documentary Short Films: “Period. End of Sentence.” During this weekend when everyone’s attention is focused on this year’s 91st Annual Academy Awards, Charlotte talks about the story behind how she and her fellow students first conceived of producing the documentary, which chronicles their efforts to assist other young girls going through puberty in rural India to remain in school by improving their access to women’s sanitary products. Many of these young girls drop out of school because of the lack of access to sanitary napkins and the embarrassment of dealing with it while at school. Their “Pad Project” is attempting to assist other young girls similarly situated across the developing world.

Allison Pfingst is the Administrator and Advisor to the Fashion Studies Program at Fordham University. During this weekend’s red carpet at the Academy Awards and the ending of Fashion Week, Allison talks a bit about the increasing inclusivity – race, height, size and disability – represented in the fashion world today; on the runway, in advertising and in the manufacturing, and what this increasing diversity means for the future of fashion.

Listen now:

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