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Just Love’s Good Friday and Easter Show

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center and about Good Friday.

Patricia Tursi is the Chief Executive Officer of Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in Yonkers, New York. The center is a home for children and young people with medically complex conditions. Pat talks to Monsignor about what life is like for the young people at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center as well as the situation of aging out after being 21 years old, and what solutions are being proposed to assist these young people who “age out” of care at the Pediatric Center.

Stephanie Gabaud is an 18-year-old resident of Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in Yonkers. Stephanie shares a bit about her life at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, and how the Pediatric Center has become like a home to her.

Jonathan Fields is a Composer, the Director of Music at Regina Pacis Basilica in Brooklyn, and a member of the Communion and Liberation Movement here in New York City. In recognition of Holy Week, Jonathan talks about the two-thousand person strong 24th Annual Good Friday Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge which Communion and Liberation sponsors every year.

Listen now:

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