NYC’s Mayoral Elections and Refugees in the US

On this week’s episode of JustLove, during the week of the New York City Mayoral Primary Election, a conversation about what New Yorker’s are looking for from their next mayor; and a conversation with the economic empowerment supervisor for the Refugee Resettlement Department of Catholic Charities Community Services who will be sharing with us his experiences as an asylee here in the United States.

Michael Hendrix is the Director of State and Local Policy for the Manhattan Institute, a think tank whose mission is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility. This week when residents of New York City went to the polls to vote in a Primary Election, Michael Hendrix will be sharing with us a bit about the Primary Elections and, according to the results of a recent poll commissioned by The Manhattan Institute, what New Yorkers are looking for in the next mayor.

Listen now:

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