American Tradition from the Kentucky Derby to Woodie Guthrie

On today’s recording of JustLove, we talk about the phenomenon of underdog stories like that of the recent victor of the Kentucky Derby, “Rich Strike,” who superseded the eighty-to-one odds against him in the second-biggest upset in the 148-year history of America’s oldest continuous sporting event. We are joined by Professor Matt Johnson, Ph.D., a researcher on the topic of the public’s fascination with underdog stories. Then, we are joined by Professor Will Kaufman, one of the leading authorities on Woodie Guthrie, the subject of New York Morgan Library and Museum’s “Woodie Guthrie: People are the Song” exhibition. He joins us to discuss the impact of the balladeer’s music on American culture.

Matt Johnson, Ph.D., is a speaker, researcher, writer, and Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the Hult School of International Business.

Will Kaufman, Ph.D., is a Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. His expertise will help us examine Woodie Guthrie’s music, philosophy, and impact on American culture.

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