“Dreamin Wild” with the Emersons and SYEP Impact this Summer

Today’s JustLove program features some lovely musicians, Donnie and Nancy Emerson – the subjects of “Dreamin Wild,” a film by Roadside Attractions. Donnie Emerson and his brother, Joe, recorded an album in the 1970s that went largely unnoticed for three decades until it was rediscovered – and inspired a screenplay performed in part by Casey Affleck. We are also joined by Abena Abenkwa, who is a 2023 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Placement with Catholic Charities Alianza Division. She talks with us about the impact of the program on young people like her and her goals for the future.

Donnie and Nancy Emerson are musicians; Donnie was a one part of a duo with his brother Joe who recorded an album titled “Dreamin Wild” in the 1970s, now the subject of a film.

Abena Abenkwa is a young woman participating in Alianza’s SYEP program.

Listen now.

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