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    London, December 9, 2014 –

       No need to watch it to know about it – Football game commercials, blogs, tabloid banners, video clips etc., etc. – both before and after shouted it! It wasn’t about Will & Kate – they left town and crossed the pond. It wasn’t Santa Claus, but VS Angels who had come to London town.

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    It’s more than the Clippers & Donald Sterling; it’s about you, me and all the rest of us

    #155370737 / gettyimages.com Racism has once again made ugly headlines because of the remarks by Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.  Much has been rightly said.  These remarks are unacceptable, ignorant, wrong, bad, degrading, etc…  Many others can be added, but these make the point.   I can reinforce from our Catholic perspective that treating and speaking about any race or ethnicity in a degrading and inferior way violates our core belief that each and every person is made in the image and likeness of God and worthy of dignity and respect. Now that the NBA Commissioner has announced his decision, there might be a tendency to consider the case closed or to…