London, December 9, 2014 –

Angel Images, Angel Scraps and Comments for orkut, myspace   No need to watch it to know about it – Football game commercials, blogs, tabloid banners, video clips etc., etc. – both before and after shouted it!
It wasn’t about Will & Kate – they left town and crossed the pond.

It wasn’t Santa Claus, but VS Angels who had come to London town.
The angels had wings – but who noticed.

The angels were dressed in more than Eve in the garden – but not much more.

The chorus of angels out-glittered even the sparkling singers who serenaded them.

The angels excited the crowd with their beauty, vitality, energy & scant attire – choreographed to perfection on a pristine runway.

A spiritual lining in all this – you must be kidding?

Just maybe there is a pause, a prayer, a wish, a dream and a hope:

Can’t we wish,

that the crowds also be excited and inspired — by the beauty that abounds deep within the souls and spirits of so many;

Can’t we dream,

That the more bulky less sought after attire of most – not blind us to the dignity of the person within,

Can’t we hope,

That the rough and crooked roads traveled by the many be made smooth and straight?

Can’t we pray,

That too many sapped of vitality and energy be raised up by smile received or given by and love shared.

Angels – God’s messengers takes many forms and shapes. They dress in different clothes in different styles.  They’re not  only in heaven or on runways.

Look around you and you’ll surely see some!  You may even hear a few singing glory to God and peace on earth.


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