Finding God’s Wisdom & Spirit
Sunday A.M. Church or Sunday P.M. Grammys
My bet’s on the Grammys this week.

I don’t watch award shows -usually – but… Sunday night I did turn on the Grammys. Don’t know why – maybe God’s grace (cf Katy Perry’s “By the Grace of God”). I became captivated and then mesmerized by the spirituality that was pervasive. There was the obvious, Beyonce’s “Precious Lord” and others. However, it was three songs and performances in close proximity that provoke me to make a blasphemous wager. I’m betting there was more spirit, soul and wisdom on Sunday evening at the Grammy’s than on Sunday morning in many Churches. Check out the lyrics and performances of these three – Kanye West, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

To paraphrase, Kanye West’s “The Only One,” they’re not perfect, but their mistakes don’t negate their insight. I’d suggest if you can’t find at least some of God’s wisdom and spirit here, you may have a hard time finding it in Church and other more traditional venues. To borrow from Madonna, don’t give up but live for love – love God, love one another, love yourself.

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