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“Scherenschnitte” and “Nunatak” – Spell Check Won’t Help

“Scherenschnitte”  and “nunatak”  were the final winning words of the National Spelling Bee contest for co-winners, Vanya and Gokul.

Just for fun I did a quick spell check.  My spell checker failed.  It highlighted both words as misspelled and with no suggested correction.

For the record – I cannot spell them, I do not know what they mean. I cannot use them in a sentence.  …And, I don’t really feel too bad that I can’t.

So I declare one little victory for human teenage brain power over  machine error!! — Maybe this also suggests just a tad more hesitancy when we hear or use the phrase: “that’s the answer my computer gave me.”

Read more in the Wall Street Journal.


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