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As a rule, I don’t publicly announce my candidate for President. But I think most would agree this presidential race has broken more than a few rules. So I’m breaking my rule of silence.

I’ll share two biases that caused and ultimately resolved my dilemma. First bias, I like rich candidates. They are hard to buy. Second bias, I like candidates that break down barriers. It’s time for a woman to be President. But in both, I’m picky. Not any rich person.  Not any woman. So a special rich woman with great name recognition is my candidate – Beyonce Knowles for President 2016. Don’t know why it took me so long to decide!!

Lest you think I am being frivolous or rash here are my dozen reasons why Bey is my choice:

1. Everybody knows where and when Bey was born. Therefore we have no wasted debate on “birther” issues and nobody can say she’s too old – just old enough!bey-birther

2. Bey will save taxpayers time and money. We won’t have to pay for entertainment at State Dinners and spend time speculating about who is going to sing the National Anthem at the inauguration. She’s got great experience.

3. Beyonce ‘s got better hair and pants suits, (and about everything else) than any of the other candidates.


4. Bey can run her own boot camp and keep all the new lady troops in proper formation.

5. World leaders already know Bey and she’s visited many countries – less of a learning curve on both sides. And she has a language that communicates across cultures.

6. In light of the new standards for Presidential debate, she’s already got some rough and quirky lyrics and cinematography that would fit right in.

7. Bey’s a confirmed capitalist, not yet Bill Gates, but she’d be the richest candidate ever – who never filed for bankruptcy.


8. Bey’s got enough spice in family elevator fights, spousal history and parental separations to allow the tabloids to run misleading stock photos and videos and pundits to offer banal commentaries. No candidate can run without these.


9. Bey’s public record(s) includes Ave Maria and Precious lord, singing about Heaven and praying the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish and asking God’s help in relationships. I kinda like people who acknowledge their faith without beating the rest of us over the head with it.

10. Bey’s roots are a mom and dad who loved and believed in her unconditionally and taught her she had to work hard and be disciplined to achieve and succeed. I’d like a President carrying this baggage who just might inspire and pass it on to other moms and dads and their children and the rest of us.


11. Blue Ivy will look cute in First Family pictures.

12. I admit a few of her themes bristle and some of her positions cause blushing in polite company. But these are overshadowed by her passion for success, mastery of capitalism, pride in family and roots, female empowerment, discipline, hard work. And so…


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