Taking Small Steps to a Better You

How about 1 hour today without internet, social media, etc… You choose the hour.

During that hour say a special prayer for the Christians displaced from the Nineveh Plains

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Jonah 3:1-10

When God saw by their actions how they turned from their evil way,
he repented of the evil that He had threatened to do to them;
he did not carry it out.


Jonah, the whale, Nineveh, the king.  Today, don’t worry about Jonah and the whale, but Jonah the preacher of repentance.  He preached and Nineveh listened – even the king who led the way.  No one is exempt from Lent’s call to change our ways.   That’s what God wants – He wants to save, not punish.  Lent is a season of grace to change and grow and improve and be better.  Change takes some self-discipline but it’s worth the price. 

Did you know that same place where Jonah preached a few millennia ago, Nineveh, is where 100,000 Christians were driven from two years ago by ISIS?  I visited them last April.  The ancestors of those brave and suffering people of the Nineveh Plains trace their Christian community back to the first century.

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