Focus on God and NOT on You

Tip of the day:

Take 15 minutes to read the Bible today.  In the first 5 minutes read both Jeremiah 7:23-28 and Luke 11:14-23. In the next 5 minutes pick one verse that strikes you and think about it the last 5 minutes to figure out one concrete way you will follow up on that verse.


Verse of the day:


 Bible Readings for Thursday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the day:

Thanks to the printing press the Bible became the all-time bestseller. I haven’t yet seen the comps on the e-version or social media fronts. It’s o.k. that the Bible doesn’t top Beyonce’s prego announcement breaking the one-day Instagram record.  I’m betting on the Bible’s staying power long after Bey’s kids are grown. (No offense meant to Bey or her kids.) Despite its popularity, getting at the Bible’s meaning takes effort. You can’t put it under your pillow and get the message through osmosis. You need to open the book, or download the file and READ or LISTEN to it. There is no other way. Sorry. And because it was written a long time ago some of it is hard to decipher – and not to mention it’s a long book.  O.k. all this is true, but the Bible is life-giving, so it’s worth the discipline of reading and listening to it. What I don’t get, I’ll let God fill in the blanks.  It’s worth the discipline.


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