Discipline Takes Practice. Keep Going.

Reflection of the Day:

God really does want to save us. He knows that we can be bad. Some of us more than others. Maybe a few (hopefully) deserve to actually be called “wicked.” I’ll leave that designation to God, but God even wants those designated as wicked to turn and he’ll forgive them. I’m sure he will forgive my sins – if I turn and ask, but sometimes I’m stubborn and don’t want to admit I need God’s mercy. Lent is a good time to discipline myself and remember.



Let’s think about our most vexing fault and today – with God’s help – avoid it. And then, try it again tomorrow too.

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John 7:28-29

So Jesus cried out in the temple area as he was teaching and said,
“You know me and also know where I am from.
Yet I did not come on my own,
but the one who sent me, whom you do not know, is true.
I know him, because I am from him, and he sent me.”

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