JustLove’s Look at Puerto Rico’s Recovery from Hurricane Maria and Ireland’s Vote to Repeal the 8th Amendment

On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about Puerto Rico and Ireland’s 8th Amendment Vote.

The Honorable Yesmin M. Valdivieso, CPA, Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, speaks with Msgr. Sullivan about the current situation on the island of Puerto Rico as they still recover from the devastation that Hurricane Maria wrought when it hit the island back on September 20, 2017 and the challenges lay ahead.

Breda O’Brien is a Teacher at Muckross Park College which is an all-girls Secondary School in Dublin, Ireland, and a weekly columnist for The Irish Times.  Breda discusses the recent referendum vote on May 23, 2018, to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution – which acknowledged a “Right to life for the Unborn” – with Msgr. Sullivan, and what next steps the pro-life community in Ireland plan to take as a result of the referendum vote.

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