Christian Communities in Iraq 5 years after ISIS Invasion & 400th Anniversary of 1st Africans to Arrive in Colonial America

On this weekend’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan looks at the recovery of the Christian community of the Nineveh Plain in northern Iraq 5 years after their displacement by the forces of ISIS and remembering the first Africans to arrive in British Colonial America on the 400th Anniversary of their arrival in the New World.

Michel Constantin is the Regional Director for Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Northern Iraq and the Emergency Response Coordinator for the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. During the 5 year Anniversary of the Invasion of the Nineveh Plain in Northern Iraq by the forces of ISIS this month, Michel shares the continuing struggles of those who had to flee violence at the hands of the now-defeated ISIS forces, and how those who have decided to move back to rebuild their destroyed villages are faring, as well as the challenges that confront them in their efforts to repopulate and rebuild their decimated communities.

Calvin Pearson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Project 1619, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to tell the true story of the first Africans to arrive in English Colonial America. On this 400th Anniversary week of the arrival of the first Africans in British American Colonies, Calvin shares the grassroots effort to have the events of August of 1619 accurately remembered, and what life was like for those first Africans to arrive on American shores 400 years ago this week.

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