Exploring How Jewish Youth Live out Social Justice and Helping People Reenter Society After Involvement with the Justice System

This weekend on Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan highlights Yom Kippur by learning more about social justice in Jewish youth, and he talks about education in our justice system.

Cheryl Cook is the Executive Director of AVODAH – a national Jewish community organization that seeks to strengthen the Jewish community’s fight against poverty in the United States by engaging Jewish youth in service and community building opportunities rooted in the Jewish faith that enables and inspires them to become lifelong leaders for social change. Cheryl talks about the work of AVODAH in providing young Jewish men and women the opportunity to live and work together in pursuit of Jewish Talmudic themes of Justice and Repairing the world and the relationship that these themes and the work of AVODAH have with what is commemorated on Yom Kippur.

Wes Caines is the Chief of Staff for The Bronx Defenders, a public defender non-profit serving the people of the Bronx, New York. Wes, who recently addressed the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C. on the work of The Bronx Defenders back in September, talks with us a bit about his work at The Bronx Defenders and especially how The Bronx Defender’s holistic approach to helping people reenter society after involvement with the justice system helps to transform not only the individuals returning, families and entire communities by providing a landing path and necessary resources to people as they return home to their families and communities.

Listen now:

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