Discussing Last-minute Fair Trade Christmas Gift Options and Netflix’s ‘The Two Popes’

In this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan explores fair trade gift options from Ten Thousand Villages and also talks to the Director and one of the leads of Netflix’s ‘The Two Popes.’

Doug Lapp is the Director of Artisan Relations of Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade non-profit retailer that operates a network of 50 branded stores and an e-commerce shop that connects artisans in the developing world with conscientious shoppers in the United States. Doug talks to us about the work of Ten Thousand Villages and how a purchase, either this Christmas or throughout the year, can help to support not only artisans in the developing world but their entire community.

Fernando Meirelles is the film director of the newly released film “The Two Popes.” Fernando shares with us what some of his inspirations were for directing The Two Popes,” a fictionalized account about an early encounter between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, and why he feels this account between these two men is particularly important for today’s very polarized society.

Jonathan Pryce is a Tony award-winning, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor of stage and screen who stars as Pope Francis in the film “The Two Popes” streaming on Netflix beginning on December 20th. Jonathan shares with us what it was like portraying Pope Francis in the film, a role for which he was nominated for a 2020 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Dramatic Performance.

(Left to right): Fernando Meirelles, Director of ‘TheTwo Popes’, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Jonathan Pryce, plays Pope Francis in ‘The Two Popes’

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