COVID-19 in Uganda and The “Screened Out” Documentary

On this episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about how COVID-19 has affected international countries like Uganda and also talks to the writer and director of the documentary ‘Screened Out.’

Haydee Diaz is the Head of Program for Catholic Relief Services in the African country of Uganda where she oversees a portfolio of health, agriculture, and emergency programs serving over 1 million people in the country. Haydee talks to us about the work that she and her colleagues have been doing to help the local people confront not only the health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic but also the massive disruption it causes its livelihoods, safety, and social cohesion.

Jon Hyatt is the Director, Writer, and Producer of the new documentary feature film “Screened Out” scheduled to be released On Demand on May 26th. The documentary explores the life-changing effects of the digital screen and social media addiction and its impact on our lives. Jon Hyatt talks about what prompted him to make a film like “Screened Out” about the addictive nature of digital devices and social media in the first place. The documentary will premier on CYA on May 20th with a panel discussion and is set for premiere in the US and Canada on May 26th.

Listen now:

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