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    American Tradition from the Kentucky Derby to Woodie Guthrie

    On today’s recording of JustLove, we talk about the phenomenon of underdog stories like that of the recent victor of the Kentucky Derby, “Rich Strike,” who superseded the eighty-to-one odds against him in the second-biggest upset in the 148-year history of America’s oldest continuous sporting event. We are joined by Professor Matt Johnson, Ph.D., a researcher on the topic of the public’s fascination with underdog stories. Then, we are joined by Professor Will Kaufman, one of the leading authorities on Woodie Guthrie, the subject of New York Morgan Library and Museum’s “Woodie Guthrie: People are the Song” exhibition. He joins us to discuss the impact of the balladeer’s music on…

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    Catholic Charities Round Table

    Today we gather three representatives of various Catholic Charities agencies across the country for a “round table” to discuss the ongoing financial calamity of rising inflation across all sectors of the economy, and its impact on those that Catholic Charities aims to serve. We are then joined by Prof. John M. Owen IV, Ph.D., to continue the ongoing examination of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, and the potential next moves of the United States and other NATO members. From the Catholic Charities network across the country, we are joined by Paul Propson, CEO of Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, Randy Chappell, Basic Needs Director of Catholic Community Services of Utah,…

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    Mother’s Day is Just Around the Corner

    In today’s recording of JustLove, we talk with the Senior Maternal Justice Campaign Director of Mom’s Rising Together, Tina Sherman. She joins us to highlight issues faced by mothers across the country, like family economic security, maternal mortality among people of color, and sex-based discrimination. Then, we talk about a recent trip to Poland and Ukraine with the Director of Government, Community & External Relations of Catholic Charities New York, Luz Tavarez. The staff of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association joined us to witness the relief work on the ground in the troubled region. Tina Sherman joins us from Mom’s Rising Together to discuss her expertise as the Senior…

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    Fleeing Violence in Ukraine and Organizing Labor in the USA

    In today’s recording of JustLove, we discuss a prolonged topic highlighted by the violence in Ukraine, that of refugees and their resettlement in the United States. WE are joined by Kelly Agnew-Barajas who is the Director of the Catholic Charities Department of Refugee Resettlement here in New York City. Then, we acknowledge May Day weekend by having a conversation with the former Chair of the National Labor Relations Board, Wilma Liebman, J.D., about the current state of labor organizing in the country, such as at Amazon Fulfillment Center and Starbucks Stores. Kelly Agnew-Barajas directs the Catholic Charities of New York refugee resettlement operations, and will join us to discuss what…

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    Earth Day Weekend and Pope Francis’ Upcoming Busy Summer Schedule

    In today’s recording of JustLove, we talk about the faith-based environmental activism taking place at the St. James Parish in Louisiana, where parishioners are resisting the construction of a petrochemical plant. Following, we learn about Pope Francis’ Easter weekend activities and his upcoming summer schedule, as well as updates on his thoughts on the war in Ukraine. Sharon Lavigne is the Founder and Director of Rise Saint James, a faith-based grassroots environmental organization fighting for ecological justice. She was the recipient of the 2022 Laetare Medal from Notre Dame University. Christopher White is the Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, and he joins us to discuss the Easter activities around…