April Fool’s Day Easter Sunday

“We are fools for Christ”

1 Corinthians 4:10

Easter Eggs and Easter Jesus

Compare and Contrast in Eleven Parts: You Choose


  1. Rolling

Fathers help their children roll Easter eggs along the ground;

  • The Father of Jesus rolled away the stone and raised his dead son from the ground of the tomb.


  1. Colors

Easter eggs come in many colors;

  • Easter Jesus comes and saves people of all colors!


  1. Hard-boiled

Easter eggs are hardboiled;

  • When life around us is hardboiled the love of Easter Jesus can be soft and cuddly.


  1. Shells

Easter egg shells crack and then we throw them away as imperfect and not pretty enough;

  • Easter Jesus embraces our cracks and considers everybody pretty enough to be loved and share in his new risen life.


  1. Food

Easter eggs get mixed and mashed into egg salad for a nourishing mid-day meal;

  • Easter Jesus nourishes us in the transformation of bread and wine in the meal of the Eucharist.


  1. Seeing the Obvious

Easter eggs are sometimes in plain sight with only a little camouflage.

  • Easter Jesus is sometimes right in front of us; we just need to pause and open our eyes;


  1. The Hunt for the Hidden:

Easter eggs sometimes are hidden and we have to hunt hard to find them.

  • Easter Jesus sometimes is hidden in out of the way places and strange people; we have to look hard to find him – but it’s worth the hunt!


  1. Taste

This is personal: I don’t like hardboiled eggs.

  • I do like Jesus!


  1. Like a Lump
    Easter eggs just lay there; don’t do anything, unless we do something to and with them.

    • Easter Jesus, risen from the dead, doesn’t wait for us. He searches us out – even when we just lay there and don’t do much.


  2. Shape 

    Easter eggs are pretty much all the same shape.

    • Easter Jesus comes to us with love and new life customized for our own individual shapes and sizes.


  3. Real
    Easter eggs sometimes show up as imposters in tacky plastic – ich!

    • Easter Jesus is never tacky or plastic. He’s the real thing, every day, until forever. Alleluia!


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