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Improving the Lives of Refugees through Agriculture and Environmental Health Inside People’s Homes

On this week’s show of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan looks at agricultural opportunities for refugees and also improving environmental health in homes.

Rachel Brunner is the Program Manager for the Common Earth Gardens Program of Catholic Charities of Louisville, Kentucky. Because it is World Refugee Day on Thursday, June 20th. Rachel shares a bit about her work at Common Earth Gardens which is dedicated to improving the lives of refugee families in the Louisville community through participation in agricultural opportunities in local community gardens and farms there.

Ray Lopez is the Director of Programs and Director of Environmental Health Services for Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Services located in East Harlem, New York. Four years ago this week, Pope Francis released Encyclical Laudato Si with its call for us to “care for our common home.” Ray talks about the work Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Services does in helping those living in New York City to keep the interior of their own homes and apartments clear of environmental pollutants, such as mold, and dust and other unsafe conditions. Through this work, they help families with repairs and other assistance to remedy these environmental hazards if they are found.

Listen now:

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