A Look at Holy Rosary Indian Mission during Native American History Month & Pointers for Discussing Current Affairs at the Holiday Table

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about the work of the Holy Rosary Indian Mission in Mississippi with the people of the Choctaw Nation during Native American History Month, and shares some pointers for discussing current affairs and politics around the dining table during the Holidays.

Fr. Mike Barth, S.T. is the General Custodian of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, a Catholic religious congregation of priests and brothers that has 37 missions serving parishes in inner-city neighborhoods and rural areas in 7 countries in the Americas. Fr. Barth shares with us the work of the Missionaries of the Most Holy Trinity, and particularly the work that the Missionary Servants do among the Choctaw Nation at their Holy Rosary Mission in Mississippi, where Fr. Barth once served and where Mission members strive to meet parish members spiritual, social and physical needs.

Christina Greer is Associate Professor of Political Science and American Studies at Fordham University. During this time of year when many families of various and differing political persuasion are gathering together to share holiday meals and festivities, Prof. Greer, who is a frequent political commentator for several media outlets including MSNBC and a former guest here on JustLove, shares with us some pointers for discussing current affairs and politics around the dining room table.

Listen now:

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