MainChance Drop-in Homeless Center and JustLove’s look at “Rehumanize International”

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about a homeless shelter near Grand Central Station, and he also learns more about work of the Advocacy Group “Rehumanize International.”

Sueranna “Sue” Antoine, MSW is the Program Director of the Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corporation’s “MainChance” Drop-in Center located on East 32nd Street in Midtown Manhattan. Sue talks about all the work of the MainChance Drop-in Center and why it was founded in the late 1980s, how it has worked over the years to address the needs of vulnerable homeless individuals for housing, food, medical care, social work services and a place to safely spend the night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aimee Murphy is the Founder and Executive Director of Rehumanize International, a non-profit human rights advocacy organization dedicated to creating a culture of life and peace by bringing to an end all aggressive violence against other humans through education, discourse and action. During the annual “March for Life” in Washington D.C., Aimee talks to us about the work of Rehumanize International and why the group’s organizing principle – the Consistent Ethic of Respect for All Human Life – is so critically needed in our country and our world today.

Listen now.

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