A Conversation on Valentine’s Day and Discussion on the Recent Military Coup in Myanmar

On this week’s episode of Just Love, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about this Valentine’s Day Weekend and some strategies for supporting healthy relationships during this stressful pandemic; and a discussion on the recent military coup in Myanmar.

Dr. Traci Maynigo is an Attending Psychologist and the Program Director of the Supporting Healthy Relationships Program at Montefiore Health Systems in the Bronx. On Valentine’s Day weekend, during these stressful and stress-filled times of the Pandemic and economic uncertainty, Dr. Maynigo talks about some of her advice on how couples – like they would go to the gym to strengthen their muscles – can practice healthy relationship skills to help to strengthen their relationships and see them grow in healthy and helpful ways.

Shayna Bauchner is a Researcher with the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization headquartered in New York City that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. Shayna shares with us about the recent Military Coup in Myanmar that happened back on February 1st, and how this coup might likely impact Democracy, Human Rights, and Religious Persecution of the Rohingya Minority in Myanmar and Surrounding Countries.

Listen now:

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